The 5 Types Of Buildings For Structural Steel Contractors

If you’ve thought about using structural steel contractors for your new project, you might be wondering if they can build exactly what you need. One of the biggest reasons people choose metal structures over any other kind of material is because of the high level of flexibility.

These structures are also faster and easier to build, and they are durable and built to last. Below, you will see the 5 types of buildings that structural steel contractors can build for you.

Government Buildings

A metal structure might not be your first choice, but it’s definitely something to consider. Besides the fact that the construction process is time-effective, these metal structures are cost-efficient, modern, and they allow you to add more personality than one might think!


At first glance, you might not realize just how beneficial a metal apartment building is over a wood frame building. But these metal buildings can hold a lot more weight, are more cost efficient for the property owner, and allow for individual apartment to be closely customized.

Apartments that use structural steel contractors are becoming more and more common in locations such as Mexico and California where earthquakes are more prevalent, since they are stronger and more durable than other commonly-used materials.

Commercial and Retail Buildings

Metal buildings are ideal for both retail and commercial buildings. These offer stability and versatility and are one of the common materials used in states that have issues with earthquakes.

Mini-Storage Buildings

More and more buildings for mini storage are using structural steel contractors. They offer cost-effective options and they are incredibly quick to build.

Agricultural Buildings

While a lot of older agricultural buildings are made from wood, more people are replacing them using structural steel contractors. Metal, unlike wood, will last for much longer, and they are stronger. This is an important consideration in locations prone to high winds, hurricanes, or tornadoes.

Before you embark on your construction project, consider the benefits of structural steel. This modern building technique offers durability, strength, and efficiency. Additionally, steel structures offer customization options that can suit any kind of project.

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