How to Select Wall Repair Contractors

Holes, cracks, and water damage are often common in older buildings – especially if they were not constructed properly by not using the best materials. The good news is that these problems can usually be fixed quite easily using wall repair contractors. It’s essential to move quickly and take care of the problem while it’s still small. Wall damage often seems innocuous enough at first, but can later lead to problems with mold, structural deficiencies, and security.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when hiring wall repair contractors.

Trusted Recommendations from Family and Friends

Chances are if your other building owners have hired wall repair contractors in the past they can offer you some advice, and perhaps a referral. Better yet, you can ask your associates if they were happy with the contractor.


The best contractors get referrals from there clients. Ask for some of these.Make sure that you carefully vet these reviews with eye to their trustworthiness and the factors that matter most to you in a wall repair contractor.

State Contractor License

Never hire someone if they do not have a license in your state to be a contractor. The lowest bid today may come in and look good but often leads to worse problems down the line. In addition to licensing, it’s important to check their work experience and history. Check for disciplinary action that may have been taken against them in the past.

Specialized Services

Not all wall repair contractors are equal. If you have an issue with concrete walls, masonry or any structural wall, hire someone who is experienced in structural repairs. On the other hand, if you have damage from an earthquake, hire someone whose main business deals with earthquake damage, retrofits, structural repairs, etc.

Stability and Performance

With other services, you might be able and willing to hire someone without an actual business address. However, when hiring wall repair contractors you want a person or company with a physical address and a business office. Knowing that they have a business to protect and represent leads to better performance and reliability.


It’s in your best interest to find wall repair contractors that do this every day all day. Find someone that has been in the industry for 10+ years. And again, make sure that they specialize in the work you need. It’s okay if they do offer other services, but their main service should include exactly what you need them to perform in your property.

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