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Are you in a high-risk area for earthquakes? Is your soft-story apartment building in danger? You need a seismic retrofit!

It is common knowledge California is one of the highest risk regions in the nation for earthquakes, and consequently property destruction and earthquake damage. As you can see the USGS map below, the entire west coast is at the highest or near highest hazard level for earthquakes.

How vulnerable is your soft-story building? As you can see above, it can be very concerning if you are located within a fault, landslide, or liquefaction zone. Any combination of these can be disastrous and in your best interest to look into a seismic retrofit. For more details on soft-story building seismic retrofits,

It’s essential to assess your building’s earthquake risk and perform a seismic retrofit when recommended to protect a building’s value, limit liability and maintain its marketability.

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