How vulnerable is your soft-story (apartment) building to earthquake damage?

Soft-story apartment buildings are prevalent in Los Angeles and Orange County which are also considered earthquake-prone territories, specifically Los Angeles. Soft-story / apartment buildings are at risk of earthquake damage however; seismic retrofits will help mitigate the destruction for vulnerable structures. The main feature Soft-story buildings are easily recognized by is also the main reason […]

Instant Benefits of an Apartment Building Retrofit

The primary goal of any earthquake retrofit is to increase safety and decrease property damage that can occur in the case of an earthquake. However, for many owners and managers of apartment buildings, that may make an earthquake retrofit feel rather like a gamble. An earthquake may or may not strike–why spend money on something […]

Important Information About an Apartment Building Retrofit

The chances of an earthquake happening in California is very high. Seismologists say that the stress along the San Andreas fault has been building up since the mid-1800’s. What can you do to prepare yourself so that you can minimize any damage that occurs? Benefits of a Retrofit It’s true that a retrofit is an investment. […]

What Risks Do Non-Ductile Buildings Pose In an Earthquake?

There have been an alarming amount of earthquakes in the US over the past few years, specifically in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Utah, including a few others. The buildings that have been affected the most in these states are non-ductile buildings (concrete structures) that have not been retrofitted. The designs and construction of new buildings […]

Your Apartment Building Retrofit: Frequently Asked Questions

Los Angeles recently passed Ordinance 183893, which requires building owners to retrofit any wood framed or soft-story buildings built prior to 1978, and other cities in California will likely follow suit. The law is intended to make buildings more structurally sound and safer during earthquakes, and it may require you to seek an apartment building retrofit. If you […]