What is the Future of Office Post Covid-19?

It is no surprise the office sector of commercial real estate has been a hot topic after this past year. The office is typically known as a place of collaboration within an organization that allows social interaction, creative partnerships, communal development, and group mentoring as well as a productive environment to excel as a team. […]

Technology is Revolutionizing the Industrial Sector of Commercial Real Estate with Modernized Warehouses

Technology is an undeniable factor driving transformation within every industry, including commercial real estate. Change is inevitable and sometimes difficult to accept however, the latest industrial boom due to the expansion of e-commerce sales and faster delivery times has accelerated the need for automation within and outside warehouse facilities. According to the NAIOP article, Technology […]

The Impact on the Industrial Sector of Commercial Real Estate from Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a major impact on commercial real estate and, some say more so than the global financial crisis earlier this century. According to real estate economic and research experts, “the pandemic directly impacts the demand for space through quarantines, social distancing, shutdowns, supply chain disruptions, employment loss and a shattering of […]