Did you participate in the “Great California Shakeout” this year?

The Great Shakeout is where you have a one-minute earthquake drill to prepare for proper emergency protocols during an earthquake and it takes place the third Thursday every October. This year the Shakeout drill took place October 19th at 10:19AM. 10.2 million (10,245,13) people registered for this years Shakeout in while they participated at work, […]

How vulnerable is your soft-story (apartment) building to earthquake damage?

Soft-story apartment buildings are prevalent in Los Angeles and Orange County which are also considered earthquake-prone territories, specifically Los Angeles. Soft-story / apartment buildings are at risk of earthquake damage however; seismic retrofits will help mitigate the destruction for vulnerable structures. The main feature Soft-story buildings are easily recognized by is also the main reason […]

Earthquake Safety: How To Survive an Earthquake

The physical and economic damage caused by earthquakes can be devastating. However, the most dangerous aspect of an earthquake is its risk to your life and safety. Fortunately, there are numerous measures that you can take in either your residential or commercial property in order to protect your safety and others’ during an earthquake. Here’s […]

What to Expect During Your Structural Inspection

Structural inspections are key safety measures, both to fix damage after an earthquake, and to prevent possible damage from future seismic activity. However, many property owners don’t know what to expect from the initial inspection. When do you need a structural inspection, and how can you prepare for the visit? There are three primary reasons […]

4 Steps For Hiring Earthquake Retrofitting Contractors

Earthquake retrofitting contractors strive to keep your building safe and secure during seismic events. If you own a commercial building, such as a hotel, a restaurant, or an office building, picking the right contractor for your seismic retrofit is a very important decision — but it can be difficult to know where to start. Here […]

5 Tips for Choosing an Earthquake Retrofit Company

If you have researched your options for earthquake retrofit companies, you know that there are a huge number and a wide range of options available. However, not all organizations are created equal. From price to service offerings, each earthquake retrofit provider is unique. Here are five tips for choosing the seismic contractors that best suit your needs:  […]

Earthquake Safety Preparedness For Commercial Buildings

Earthquakes occur on a regular basis. Commercial building owners in areas with significant seismic activity often worry about ensuring the safety of their workers, patrons, and residents during an earthquake and its aftershocks. Seismic contractors recommend the following steps to keep your business safe and secure during an earthquake:   Put Together A Kit While many homeowners […]