The type of building is a major factor in respect to which are most at risk for damage from an earthquake

There are several types of buildings including soft-story, tilt-up, steel moment frame, non-ductile concrete and URM (unreinforced masonry). What are their characteristics and what can be determined are vulnerable when faced with enduring an earthquake? Soft-story structures are common among apartment buildings that are characterized by open parking on the ground floor and dwelling units […]

Hiring A Seismic Retrofitting Company

The main goal to any seismic retrofitting job is to keep your building from collapsing or sustaining irreparable damage in the event of an earthquake. Because California is one of the most seismically active states in the country, this type of project is a must for any property owner within the state. Retrofits are specifically designed […]

Earthquake Retrofitting For Commercial Buildings

If you have a business in California, you know how prevalent and destructive earthquakes have been over the years. Thankfully, technology and building practices have adapted to ensure that modern buildings are better able to weather California’s seismic activity (for Life Safety Only). However, structures which were built prior to modern standards and technologies lack […]

What Are Soft Story Seismic Retrofits?

Many property owners in California have unsafe and outdated soft-story building. These buildings often have multiple unsupported openings on the ground floor of the building. This can result in the soft story building crumbling, collapsing, or even causing damage to other surrounding buildings. Safety Versus Function Structural engineers and contractors have an important job when it […]

5 Tips for Choosing an Earthquake Retrofit Company

If you have researched your options for earthquake retrofit companies, you know that there are a huge number and a wide range of options available. However, not all organizations are created equal. From price to service offerings, each earthquake retrofit provider is unique. Here are five tips for choosing the seismic contractors that best suit your needs:  […]

Is Earthquake Insurance Really Worth It?

Earthquakes are one of the most common natural occurrences — and yet most standard property insurance doesn’t cover it. This leads business owners to purchase separate earthquake insurance, especially in areas with significant seismic activity. While earthquakes are more prevalent in California, don’t be fooled into thinking they don’t happen in other parts of the country.   […]

What Are The Benefits Of A Soft Story Retrofit?

California’s 1994 Northridge Quake was one of the most devastating earthquakes in history. Property damage totaled $44 million and 33 people died. Many of the buildings that were damaged by the earthquake were soft-story residential buildings — the type of building that may benefit most from a seismic retrofit. According to researchers at Caltech, California — specifically Los Angeles — […]