Is “Hurriquake” a real thing?

In mid-August, California was on watch of Hurricane Hilary which by the time it hit land would be downgraded to a tropical storm. The National Hurricane Center said, it had potential for “life-threatening” floods and debris flow warnings which remained in effect across the Southwest region of the U.S. While bracing and preparing for this […]

What is the buzz in the Industrial sector of Commercial Real Estate?

Ever since the pandemic which was the primary factor that brought about hybrid and work-from-home flexibility companies have been relying on special resources and building amenities to lure employee back to the office. However, industrial and warehouse building employees were not able to work remote. The workforce at distribution centers and warehouses as well as […]

What are the most common structural repairs?

Structural repairs refer to repairs or replacement to the roof, foundation, floors, and permanent exterior walls and support columns of a building. Some of the most common types of structural repairs include GLB (glulam beam), purlin & sub-purlin, truss and column repairs which consist of concrete steel or wood. In general, what is entailed in these types […]

How vulnerable is your soft-story (apartment) building to earthquake damage?

Soft-story apartment buildings are prevalent in Los Angeles and Orange County which are also considered earthquake-prone territories, specifically Los Angeles. Soft-story / apartment buildings are at risk of earthquake damage however; seismic retrofits will help mitigate the destruction for vulnerable structures. The main feature Soft-story buildings are easily recognized by is also the main reason […]

Who Do I Hire for Structural Repairs?

If you have a commercial building that has already been erected but you’ve started to notice structural problems happening either inside or outside of the building, it might be time to hire someone to fix those issues for you. Not only can these buildings be unsafe–especially in earthquake-prone states like California, Oregon or Washington–but the longer […]