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Do you know how many earthquakes California has in a SINGLE day?

It is not uncommon for California to experience up to 100 earthquakes per day. Of course, these quakes are small in magnitude and cause little to no damage however it is important to stay alert and prepared. Scientists now use the moment magnitude scale, which measures the movement of rock along the fault, and accurately measures larger earthquakes, which can last for minutes and affect a much larger area.

Below is a map with fascinating stats of earthquake frequencies and magnitude in California alone.

Saunders Seismic Earthquake Map

Due to the uncertainty of earthquakes and when one will occur that will cause damage it is essential to protect your assets and prepare. What is the cost of being unprepared? Many projections show the cost of recovery to major earthquakes, given the physical damage to structures, far outweighs the cost when money is invested to prepare for a disaster. Is your building equipped for an earthquake or do you need structural repairs/ seismic retrofit?

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