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Does my building qualify for a seismic retrofit?

How do I know if my building needs a seismic retrofit? What are the qualifying factors for a seismic retrofit? Are there specific features to look for in the building structure? Does there have to be structural damage? Does my building need to be near a seismic fault line to need to a seismic retrofit? These are some of the questions you may have as a building owner or even property manager in regards to seismic retrofitting. A seismic retrofit provides existing structures with more resistance to seismic activity due to earthquakes.

It is quite simple to determine if your building needs a seismic retrofit. You need to know when the building was built, was the building built before 1996? That is the single most qualifying factor to determine if your building needs structural strengthening or a seismic retrofit.  There does not have to be any structural damage nor does the building need to be near a fault line to need seismic construction work yet, the most high-risk buildings are near fault lines.

In the past, building codes were less stringent compared to today’s standards, thus it is a good idea to inspect buildings constructed prior to 1996, as they were built prior to current structural codes/requirements (1997 UBC).

Seismic retrofitting of a building remains one of the best ways to strengthen the structural integrity of a property prior to a disaster. It also helps with selling a building (opens up more buyers when your SUL is than 20) as well as reduces your liability exposure while you own it. For more information contact Saunders Construction. CONTACT US

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