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Earthquake Safety Preparedness For Commercial Buildings

Earthquakes occur on a regular basis. Commercial building owners in areas with significant seismic activity often worry about ensuring the safety of their workers, patrons, and residents during an earthquake and its aftershocks. Seismic contractors recommend the following steps to keep your business safe and secure during an earthquake:


Put Together A Kit

While many homeowners have prepared earthquake kits, commercial building owners should do the same. These kits contain vital items that ensure earthquake safety both during a seismic quake and the aftershocks that follow.


Host Staff Meetings

If your building is staffed, call a team meeting to discuss earthquake safety protocols. Topics of conversation can include post-earthquake procedures as well as preventative measures like anchoring down mirrors, cabinets, and furniture.


Create An Earthquake Response Plan

If you own a commercial building in an area with significant seismic activity, a response plan is key for ensuring earthquake safety. Each member of your building staff should have clearly defined responsibilities during a seismic event. Not only should you review your plan on a regular basis, but you can also practice earthquake safety drills.


Secure Important Documents

If your building houses any important documents, make sure they are secured in a waterproof and fireproof container. Key documents include contact lists for shipping manifests, computer backups, employee records, insurance policies, and bank account statements.


Assess Your Risk

A professional risk assessment will evaluate your commercial building’s earthquake preparedness, and it is an excellent way to solicit expert advice on whether you are adequately prepared for a natural disaster. Many different kinds of companies offer earthquake vulnerability analysis consultations, including seismic contractors, and they will determine whether your building’s earthquake safety is up to par.


Of course, the most vital step in maintaining an earthquake-safe commercial space is ensuring that your building is structurally sound. For more information about seismic retrofitting, contact Saunders Seismic today.

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