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How many aftershocks come after a 6.0 magnitude earthquake?

Just last month, Northern California had a 6.0 magnitude earthquake near the California-Nevada border. According to ABC News, “The quake jolted both sides of the California-Nevada state line, tossed boulders onto a major roadway and was felt as far off as Las Vegas and even San Francisco, with days of aftershocks predicted, authorities said.” And, the number of aftershocks… HUNDREDS!

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An earthquake retrofit more formally known as a seismic retrofit, will provide peace of mind knowing the building is equipped with the latest standards of seismic detail layouts to enhance the structural integrity of the building.

Saunders Construction specializes in seismic retrofits or earthquake retrofits and specifically earthquake retrofit construction in Southern California. We also service Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, essentially the entire west coast.

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