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Marin Medical Center Client Profile: Healthcare Facilities, Hospitals & Medical Offices

Saunders Construction recently completed a seismic retrofit for Marin Cancer Medical Center. One of our forte’s is completing seismic retrofits and structural repairs in occupied spaces with ongoing tenant operations. This requires a lot of client communication and customer relation care on our behalf. We strive to provide clients as well as tenants peace of mind while we enter their buildings and workspace to complete our work. This is especially true when implementing our services in healthcare and medical facilities with ongoing sensitive medical business operations.

Scope of Work: Seismic Retrofit

  • All work required to be completed during off-hours for the entire project.
  • Special Inspection required daily.
  • Highly sensitive healthcare operations during construction.
  • Negative Air Pressure Enclosures required.
  • Infection Control Risk Assessment (IRCA) required.
  • Infection Control Mitigation Plan (ICMP) required.
  • Project completed ahead of schedule in 10-weeks!

Marin Medical Center Seismic Retrofit Photos:

Set up of containment area in an active waiting room. Helps contain any debris that may be caused during our work while working around patients with compromised immune systems.

Air scrubber (Negative Air Machine) attached to containment area for added safety. Helps contain and remove airborne particles, thereby reducing the risk of patient exposure to construction related pollutants.

Plastic protection set up in an office. Plastic provides protection from dust and debris. Helps reduce the risk of damage or malfunction to office equipment, our intention is to minimize the disruption of daily operations of any business/ office we are working in. 

Plastic containment area with zip wall containment system. Protects medical offices from the spread of dust and other contaminants into the environment.

Containment system set up helps hospitals and healthcare facilities that have strict infection control protocols to prevent the spread of pathogens and maintain a clean environment.  The zip wall containment system helps uphold these protocols by reducing the risk of airborne contaminants. 

Limiting disruption is something we pride ourselves on in occupied areas.  By setting up these containment areas we maintain a safe and comfortable environment for patients.  In addition of helping the patients it also helps staff and management feel better knowing steps were taken to make sure we abide by their strict infection control protocols. 

A 2019 study by the RAND Corporation estimated that seismic upgrades and construction could cost hospitals in California between $34 billion and $143 billion.

California requires that all hospitals be seismically evaluated and retrofitted by 2030. This requirement was established by California Senate Bill 1953 in 1994, following the Northridge Earthquake. The bill mandates that hospital buildings be able to provide services to the public after disasters. See California Seismic Safety Commission for further findings and details here,,providing%20services%20to%20the%20public%20after%20disasters).

We are the Seismic Solution Specialists with over four decades of experience performing seismic retrofits and structural repairs. We have experience in all types of buildings especially occupied spaces with ongoing tenant operations including occupied with sensitive business operations such as healthcare facilities, hospitals, and medical offices. For more information or questions contact us We service five states, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah.

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