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Planning the Seismic Retrofit Los Angeles Requires

Many buildings in Los Angeles have what is called a soft-story structure. The term describes buildings that have a habitable room or rooms above a garage, carport, entryway, or lobby. To give your soft story building improved support, you may be affected by the seismic retrofit Los Angeles now requires.

New ordinances will hold you to a strict timetable for a retrofit. If you have already begun the process, you have two years to submit evidence of a previous retrofitting or demolition plan. If not, you have three and a half years to get the appropriate permits for construction or demolition, and seven years to fully complete the project.

Knowing all the steps involved in the seismic retrofit Los Angeles may require you to have will help you estimate a timeline for your specific project.


Step One: Consultation and Engineering Evaluation

The first step of any seismic retrofit is the consultation and engineering evaluation. During this time, you will meet with a structural engineer to analyze your building’s structure and determine the most cost-effective, safest options for your building.


Step Two: Approval and Permits

Once you have agreed to work with a company on the design of the seismic retrofit Los Angeles requires, they will submit all documentation for necessary permits to the Building Department. The department will then process and review your permit.


Step Three: Completing the Project

After permits are secured, your construction process can begin. During the bidding process, your contractors will be able to determine a timeline for your project.


Because this is a time-sensitive matter, it is important that you find a contractor you trust to complete the seismic retrofit Los Angeles requires in a timely and successful manner. Research can help you determine your contractor’s reputation (ask for referral letters from other owners) and experience so you can identify a team that will execute your seismic retrofit plan properly, on schedule, and in line with city requirements.

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