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Risks and potential dangers of roof condensation with this year’s record heat in the US notably Northwest!

According to the Washington Post, the most severe heat wave in the history of the Pacific Northwest has climaxed, obliterating scores of long-standing records in the U.S. Portland and Seattle broke all-time records by enormous margins. Just as the heat takes a major toll on us, extreme weather in general burdens buildings. Specifically, roof condensation is caused by the rapid cooling of warmer air. Roof Condensation is moisture that develops at the roof ceiling area and is trapped by foil insulation or other types of radiant barriers.

RISKS of Roof Condensation

If left untreated, it can destroy the entire roof structure. Moisture rust and decay all metals including hangers, nuts, bolts and in severe cases the plywood that holds up the roofing deteriorates and needs to be replaced. This problem can be very costly. Below is a photo of severe case of deterioration and decay.

Roof Condensation Damage - We can fix it and prevent it

DANGERS of Roof Condensation

Below is an example of a completely deteriorated beam that came down, thankfully right after the employee stepped away. If untreated, roof condensation damage can be very dangerous.

Roof Condensation Danger Liability

What proactive measures can be taken…

  • Underside of roof Inspections for condensation clues
  • Tenant operations, changes to allow moisture into the building
  • Inspect and look for roof leaks, skylights, all roof top equipment and any penetrations through the roof membrane

Why conduct regular inspections…

Early detection is helpful for many reasons and one primary is the cost factor. The cost to repair the damage from roof condensation when detected early on is significantly less than potentially waiting until the roof has completely deteriorated!

Saunders Construction has over four decades of experience repairing roof condensation issues. If you are interested in our roof condensation solution services, contact us

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