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Technology is Revolutionizing the Industrial Sector of Commercial Real Estate with Modernized Warehouses

Technology is an undeniable factor driving transformation within every industry, including commercial real estate. Change is inevitable and sometimes difficult to accept however, the latest industrial boom due to the expansion of e-commerce sales and faster delivery times has accelerated the need for automation within and outside warehouse facilities.

According to the NAIOP article, Technology is Changing the Shape and Value of Warehouses, “the MIT Center for Real Estate think of autonomous real estate as including automated systems like robots that are zipping up and down the aisles, and indoor drones that fly around inside the warehouse and pick things off the shelves. There are driverless forklifts and pallet movers. Outside of the four walls, there is some autonomous activity in the yard. There are autonomous electric yard trucks that don’t go beyond the front gate but move things around in the yard, like getting containers to the right docks. There are drones that remain in the yard and monitor the outside of the building or they monitor and direct traffic around the yard. One person I interviewed described these kinds of automated warehouses as vending machines with roofs. They are not devoid of people, but they are so automated that the people operate around the edges.”

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This definitely brings new meaning to the statement “the new normal.” The innovation and capabilities of these technologies is extraordinary. As a result, the structural and building specs or requirements are changing, the once-simple large warehouse with numerous loading docks, high ceilings, and wide-open floor plans are developing and evolving into high-tech buildings with new, state-of-the-art requirements. For existing buildings, it is imperative the core infrastructure is NOT vulnerable. Saunders Construction are experts in seismic retrofits and structural strengthening and can assist in strengthening any building type. To learn more about Commercial Retrofits, see our section by following this link. Learn More About Commercial Retrofits

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