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Value Engineering & Saunders Seismic Construction

Saunders Construction has over four decades of experience performing seismic retrofits. We have completed thousands of projects on every type of building with our top management logging hundreds of hours of field experience. As a result, we have encountered countless obstacles and worked with numerous engineers to devise seismic solutions that continue to impress and bring clients peace of mind.

Value Engineering

Our vast knowledge and experience provide a solid foundation to collaborate with structural engineers and come up with cost effective alternates and support with value engineering. The combined effort and added support benefits both structural engineers and clients.

We specialize in the below list of alternates:

  • MEP Interference
  • Access Issues
  • Unforeseen Structural Damages, Condensation & Beam Failures
  • Framing Changes
  • Material Alternates (Due to Availability)

If you’re interested in assistance with plans for a seismic retrofit and need support from our years of expertise in the field and value engineering, contact us

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