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What do we need to provide a budget?

Acquisition Budgets 

Saunders Construction provides a unique service, budgets for acquisitions! This comes with estimate ranges of low, median and high. There are several factors that affect pricing. Information to submit for a budget may include, leasing plan/tenant leasing plan (this helps determine access to perform the work), existing structural plans (S-pages), property assessment or seismic report, interior building photos (roof), office space (SF), type of building and use of building. The more information the better the budget.

Qualifications for a Budget

Who is the budget for?

An acquisition team vs an asset management team vs a single owner may have vested interests in low vs conservative budgets. We can accommodate all.

What is the budget for?

Preliminary pricing for a loan/ acquisition or conceptual pricing.

Where is the building located?

Costs vary in different markets/ states.

When do you need the budget?

Time is essential, we do not charge a fee or rush fee for budgets.

When are you planning to complete the work?

Pricing fluctuates for materials and labor.

How detailed is the information and/ or plans?

The more information provided the more accurate we can provide an acquisition budget.

We need as much as information as possible to provide an accurate budget. Submit professional engineered city-approved plans with all relevant contacts and history of building/ property for an accurate budget.

For more details, please download our PDF on “Information Needed For A Budget

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