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Why Hire Structural Engineers?

Many commercial property owners are becoming concerned about their building’s structural safety, especially if their building is old or has been recently impacted by a natural disaster such as an earthquake. Hiring structural engineers can help you better understand what changes to your building would need to be made to become as safe as possible. Here are some factors to keep in mind when searching for potential structural engineers.



Structural engineers have knowledge of  what existing structural elements of the building would need to be retrofitted to make the buildings safer. They gain this knowledge through extensive education and experience with other buildings. Hiring an experienced engineer that has done numerous retrofits in the past can help you understand what upgrades would need to be done. Experience makes structural engineers the most qualified professionals for building evaluations when it involves seismic retrofits.


Thorough Reporting

When structural engineers review your building, they will provide you with an extensive and thorough report that you can refer back to as needed.  This report will identify any damage to the building and offer suggestions for repairs.



When structural engineers analyze your commercial property, they will give you a complete, honest, and unbiased opinion about its structural integrity. Because structural engineers only receive income from their own inspection and evaluation work — not the modification work that your building may need later — their suggestions for improvement are not influenced by a desire to pad their bottom line.


Informative Suggestions

Structural engineers have one main job: to help your building be as structurally sound as possible. This includes educating you on existing problems in your building and explaining ways to prevent future issues. They will also help you understand technical aspects of  retrofitting.


Expert Recommendations

You may already know that your building needs structural repairs but feel unsure about where to begin choosing from the many contractors in your area. Structural engineers can recommend a few reliable and knowledgeable options to help you pick the perfect company for your project.


If you are searching for the right structural inspectors for your building concerns, contact Saunders Seismic.

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