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4 Steps For Hiring Earthquake Retrofitting Contractors

Earthquake retrofitting contractors strive to keep your building safe and secure during seismic events. If you own a commercial building, such as a hotel, a restaurant, or an office building, picking the right contractor for your seismic retrofit is a very important decision — but it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are four steps for identifying the best earthquake retrofitting contractors for your commercial building: 

1. Come Up With a Short List

It can be tempting to perform a Google search and commit to working with the first result on the page, but more research is necessary to find earthquake retrofitting contractors who meet your commercial building needs. Examine multiple websites to determine what services each contractor offers, how many years they have been in business, and what types of commercial buildings they have experience with. 

After your investigation, come up with a short list of contractors that appeal to you most. Limiting your options makes it easier to identify the best option for your priorities. 

2. Ask about Experience

While there are not formal credentials in seismic retrofitting, your earthquake retrofitting contractors should have extensive experience and training, with deep knowledge of the process, materials, and local regulations involved in a commercial retrofit. 

3. Seek Recommendations and Reviews

The internet — including referral letters, but word-of-mouth is also key. Talking to other commercial building owners about which contractors they worked with and what their experience was like can be an excellent way to identify the best option for your needs. 

4. Think ROI, Not Price Tag

When you’re looking for earthquake retrofitting contractors you might be tempted to hire the person that offers the cheapest price, especially if you’re trying to save some money or you have several commercial buildings in need of retrofitting. However, it’s important to ask questions about what exactly you will get in return for your money to ensure a quality return on your investment. 

If you’re looking earthquake retrofitting contractors, contact Saunders Seismic for more information about commercial building retrofits in Southern California, Northern California, Washington, and Oregon.

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