Why Choose Saunders? We are the Seismic Solution Specialists!

Saunders Construction Inc., is a commercial industrial contractor specializing in seismic solutions. We pride ourselves on being the go-to “seismic solution specialists” for every type of building. Ultimately, we perform seismic retrofits and structural repairs to existing buildings to make them more resistant to seismic activity. However, our procedures have been refined for four decades […]

Value Engineering & Saunders Seismic Construction

Saunders Construction has over four decades of experience performing seismic retrofits. We have completed thousands of projects on every type of building with our top management logging hundreds of hours of field experience. As a result, we have encountered countless obstacles and worked with numerous engineers to devise seismic solutions that continue to impress and […]

Top Ranked Seismic Retrofit Contractors

Saunders Construction, Inc., was recently recognized as one of the top seismic contactors in “GC Magazine.” For the full article, The Best Seismic Retrofitting Contractors in San Jose, California https://www.generalcontractors.org/the-7-best-seismic-retrofitting-contractors-in-san-jose-california/ A seismic retrofit will provide peace of mind knowing the building is equipped with the latest standards of seismic detail layouts to enhance the structural […]

The Role of Structural Inspectors

Structural inspectors for seismic retrofit are not exactly the same as structural engineers and are sometimes confused, although they share certain common tasks. While some contractors want structural inspectors to have engineering backgrounds, many inspectors get their training on the job. The state where the inspection takes place defines the qualifications for structural inspectors. Checking […]

Why Structural Repair Specialists Must Be Top Notch

Hiring structural repair specialists requires making sure they have plenty of experience for the type of work you need done. Improper installation is one of the biggest reasons large projects must be redone at higher costs. Here are important points to consider when it’s time to hire structural repair specialists. Defining Structural Repairs Structural repairs […]

How to Choose a Seismic Contractor

Seismic contractors are specialists who retrofit buildings so that they are less prone to damage during an earthquake. Adding additional materials and steel reinforcement can help extend the durability of a building. Failing to retrofit an old building could mean lost lives and millions of dollars in damages. Here’s how to determine an appropriate seismic contractor. Seek Professionals, […]

Who Do I Hire for Structural Repairs?

If you have a commercial building that has already been erected but you’ve started to notice structural problems happening either inside or outside of the building, it might be time to hire someone to fix those issues for you. Not only can these buildings be unsafe–especially in earthquake-prone states like California, Oregon or Washington–but the longer […]

Hiring A Seismic Retrofitting Company

The main goal to any seismic retrofitting job is to keep your building from collapsing or sustaining irreparable damage in the event of an earthquake. Because California is one of the most seismically active states in the country, this type of project is a must for any property owner within the state. Retrofits are specifically designed […]