Building Basics, Types of Buildings & Causes of Structural Failure (Animation Video)

Sometimes a simple video is worth a million words. For a complete understanding of a sometimes-over-complicated explanation of building basics and how structural failures occurs, please view the following video: The video provides a simple explanation of how structural failures occur however there are many different types of buildings including concrete tilt-up, URM (unreinforced masonry), […]

Value Engineering & Budgets

Saunders Construction has over four decades of experience performing seismic retrofits. We have completed thousands of projects on every type of building with our top management logging thousands of hours of field experience. As a result, we have encountered countless obstacles and worked with numerous engineers to devise seismic solutions that continue to impress and […]

Are you located in an area with hazard-resistant building codes?

HAZARD-RESISTANT building codes are designed for buildings to be constructed to withstand earthquakes, flooding, and high winds. According to FEMA, they conducted an analysis based on 18-million actual buildings, the frequency of hazard events in each area and the type of building code in place which showed a 20-year period that WITH hazard-resistant building codes […]

What do we need to provide a budget?

Acquisition Budgets  Saunders Construction provides a unique service, budgets for acquisitions! This comes with estimate ranges of low, median and high. There are several factors that affect pricing. Information to submit for a budget may include, leasing plan/tenant leasing plan (this helps determine access to perform the work), existing structural plans (S-pages), property assessment or […]

Qualifications for a Budget

Budgets are just that, budgets. There are many circumstances during the budget process that we do not have enough information to provide an accurate budget. Please use all budgets given with caution as many things can change from concept to final plans and tenant scheduling. The more information we have the better your budget will […]