What Factors are Driving the Demand for Cold Storage Facilities?

The newest rapidly evolving market in commercial real estate is cold storage. The recent demand for cold storage facilities has been driven by several factors including changes in consumer behavior, technological advancements, and broader economic trends. Below are primary factors contributing to this demand: Growth in E-commerce & Online Grocery Shopping Increased Consumer Demand: The […]

Top Trends Shifting Retail in Commercial Real Estate

The forecast for retail in commercial real estate is undergoing significant shifts, influenced by various factors and trends. Retail Commercial Real Estate is sure to be top of mind at the upcoming annual ICSC Las Vegas conference, for details on the conference, https://www.icsc.com/attend-and-learn/events/details/las-vegas-2024  ICSC Las Vegas is the largest commercial real estate conference every year […]

What is the buzz in the Industrial sector of Commercial Real Estate?

Ever since the pandemic which was the primary factor that brought about hybrid and work-from-home flexibility companies have been relying on special resources and building amenities to lure employee back to the office. However, industrial and warehouse building employees were not able to work remote. The workforce at distribution centers and warehouses as well as […]

Structural Risks to Commercial Buildings in Extreme Heat

Summer has just begun and according to recent news outlets, millions of people and structures across the country are experiencing severe weather including thunderstorms and a deadly heat wave that is sweeping the South. Just as the heat takes a major toll on us, extreme weather, and operational conditions affect the structural members of buildings. […]

What is the future for the office sector in commercial real estate?

Office assets have been a sure thing in commercial real estate for a long time and considered a reliable source of revenue for owners and lenders. However, since the pandemic the future of the office sector in commercial real estate is unclear. While industrial assets saw the biggest increase in demand and production over the […]

2023 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

There is a lot of speculation regarding a recession on the horizon in 2023. And, if true high interest rates and a potential recession will make 2023 a challenging year for commercial real estate. The top factors in 2023 to influence commercial real estate are geopolitical issues, inflation and rising interest rates which would impact […]

Is there a shift in the Industrial sector of Commercial Real Estate from logistics to data centers?

Industrial is KING has been the overall theme in commercial real estate since the pandemic sent the e-commerce industry into over-drive and the demand for warehouse/ distribution centers skyrocketed. However, it seems the industry giant, Amazon is sending a message as they shift their warehouse strategy. According to Bloomberg, last month Amazon announced plans to […]