The Basics of Concrete Repair

Engineers have learned to make buildings safer in recent decades after years of studying what happens to structures during earthquakes. Concrete is a durable choice, but concrete tilt-up buildings built in the last century pose safety risks. Over time, concrete can crack, so it’s important to have it inspected periodically to reduce maintenance costs and […]

Tips When Hiring A Structural Engineer For Concrete Repair

California sees more earthquakes each year than any other state in the continental US. With all those quakes, large and small, comes a lot of damage, specifically to large buildings. If your building has been through an earthquake, it’s important to understand the process you’ll need to undergo in order to ensure that it’s safe […]

Do I Need Wall Structural Repair?

Minor cracks in your commercial building’s walls might not seem like anything to worry about, but if left untreated, these small flaws can lead to major structural problems. Structural issues can make your building’s walls less stable and lead to significant challenges, such as rebar rusting, which can cause the concrete to break apart. It can also […]

Are Brittle Concrete Buildings Less Safe in an Earthquake?

Over the last few decades, researchers and seismologists have gained more knowledge about earthquakes and building collapses.  One of the biggest reasons for building collapse in the United States is older designs that do not reflect current engineering standards, or in some cases construction flaws. Concrete buildings are among the structures most vulnerable to collapse […]