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Beverly Hills Medical Plaza

Beverly hills, CA: commercial Retrofit

Seismic retrofit for a high-end medical facility in Beverly Hills with specific tenant requests. Project completed in eight weeks working nights and weekends for 17,777 SF medical building.

Regency Plaza Apartments

Anaheim, CA: soft-story retrofit

Project consisted of 7 apartment buildings each with prefabricated moment frames.  There were a lot of changes that were made on site due to unforeseen concrete changes but we were able to complete this project without any delays. 


warehouse – Roof Condensation

santa fe springs, ca: structural repair

We remove or vent foil insulation from ceilings in tilt up buildings to prevent corrosion on the framing member hangers.  After removing or venting the foil, ledgers are then put up under the existing framing hangers to prevent sagging and add support.

commercial projects

Milroy Industrial

Industrial tilt-up retrofit for an occupied 14,383 SF building, completed on time within budget. 


Oak Glen Gym

A six-week retrofit project for a camp gym in Oak Glen over 21,000 SF.


Village Business Park

Multi-tenant two-story retrofit for a business park 54,000 SF.


soft-story projects

Canyon Village

Project consisted of 14 apartment buildings. The plans were value engineered from the original scope resulting in a significant cost reduction to the owner. The project was coordinated in phases to reduce the impact on tenant displacement and still completed ahead of schedule.

Dudley Oaks Apartments

This retrofit was a prevailing wage project with another General Contractor. The plans and the existing conditions had discrepancies. The project completed on time and issues addressed seamlessly to work around existing MEP and framing discrepancies.


Seaport Village

Project consisted of 33 apartment buildings with their own moment frames and concrete scopes.  Project was completed in 9 phases with a lot of coordination with multiple subs so timing was critical. 



structural repair projects

GLB, Purlin and Sub-Purlin Repairs

In some instances, structural framing members are damaged either due to the weight they carry, faulty installations, or exposure to elements.  Repairing these damaged members by replacing the member with something similar or adding additional steel of wood members to the existing beam. In the case of GLB repairs, epoxy injection, steel rods, high-strength cable tensioning or steel rod tensioning (we prefer high strength cable in lieu of steel rod tensioning).

Truss Repairs

Similar to GLB and Sub Purlin Repairs in this situation we’ve used high tension cables to strengthen the bottom cord of the truss where most of the loading occurs. Other repairs include replacing or adding to existing vertical members and repairing the top and bottom cord of the existing truss.






Column Repairs

Columns can sometimes be damaged due to impact (forklift drivers) or normal deterioration.  Repairs may include shoring the beams to relieve the load on the damaged column. Columns can be fixed either by replacement of adding additional wood/ steel members to the existing column.






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