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Thank you for your hard work and dedication in completing the seismic upgrades to our Alcon warehouse and a large portion of the main manufacturing floor at the Irvine site.

We sincerely recognize and appreciate each one of your staff and their work ethic in helping us complete the repairs in tight quarters, with a tight schedule and no hitches along the way in the work we completed. We also appreciated the support and timing from the special inspector and the city of Irvine building officials for their support as well.

You are building a safer work environment for Alcon and our staff. Thank you.

I truly appreciated the can-do attitude in overcoming every challenge and working in a safe manner throughout the phases.

Kevin Wilkins

The project consisted of a supplemental voluntary seismic strengthening to improve the continuity of the roof diaphragm and enhance the lateral resisting capacity of several wood-framed shear walls to two single-story church buildings. Saunders coordinated with the owner and MHP on a regular basis during construction to ensure the quality and efficiency of the construction. The project was successfully completed on time and within budget.

Kathy Rantowich

I‘ve been in business for over 40 years enjoying success and a quality reputation. It‘s rare these days to work with a company and more importantly, the individual who runs the company who is such a fine representation of honesty and integrity; integrity that is beyond reproach. Your candor has saved our partnership in the neighborhood of $60,000–$80,000 in anticipated Phase 2 constructions costs and moreover, your efforts have prevented the need to retrofit a building that need not be retrofitted which for a small partnership, is a significant amount.
I can‘t say enough about you and the untold appreciation for your efforts on our behalf. You‘re a rare jewel.

William Rouse

The seismic retrofit project is just another example of your expertise. This project was completed on schedule, within budget and with no tenant complaints. Your work is always completed in a timely manner and with minimum interruption to the tenants.

John Bonomo

The seismic retrofit project is just another example of your expertise. This project was completed on schedule, within budget and with no tenant complaints. Your work is always completed in a timely manner and with minimum interruption to the tenants.The seismic retrofit project is just another example of your expertise. This project was completed on schedule, within budget and with no tenant complaints. Your work is always completed in a timely manner and with minimum interruption to the tenants.


Thank you for performing the seismic upgrade quickly and efficiently. Your crew worked diligently each day and worked without interrupting our occupants inside. All parties involved were pleased with Saunders’ performance!

Ed Espina

Ed and his team including Jesse, Brian and Joe understood the desire to preserve the character of my 1947 brick building and worked to implement the engineer’s plan. When unforeseen conditions were discovered, Saunders quickly resolved the problem without delays or unnecessary change orders.

Joe Dumbacher

This was our first seismic upgrade. We were completely pleased with the professional way your company performed the work. We interviewed several of your references, all of which gave you good ratings–but we were concerned that they are large commercial companies and we, a small building owner, would not receive the same treatment. We absolutely did get the same treatment! Your staff was always available to answer questions, make recommendations, gave us weekly progress reports, and you would personally call to personally make sure we were happy with the job.

Dale Vaccarello

In particular I like to call upon Saunders’ services when I work with large, corporate clients that expect a high level of communication, experience, quality, and service. Because of the nature and expectations for these projects, I include your firm to help the project progress as smoothly as possible. In turn, we create a stong “team” for the owner by working with a consultant, engineer, and contractor that have specific experience with their project. Ultimately, the owner benefits from this collective effort, because each team member brings suggested repair scopes to minimize construction costs while maximizing the effectiveness of the repairs or improvements.

Bryan Krueger

In order to be effective in the event of an earthquake, a seismic retrofit needs to be completed with good craftsmanship and according to plan. With this in mind, I will continue to seek Saunders’ expertise for future seismic retrofit projects; because I know the work will be done right and without any hiccups.

Peter Lineweaver

The Saunders team worked hard to satisfy the needs of our company through constant communciation and coordination.

Dan Reidl

Your crews did a fantastic job of working with the tenant in a very difficult environment. The freezer units could not be shut down so your crews had to endure freezing temperatures and still got the project complete on schedule. The crews were also required to work within the confines of an active distribution facility. The tenant had no complaints and felt that the work was completed in a very timely and professional manner.

David Sonderegger

Saunders Construction was able to coordinate with our high-profile tenant and our engineers to avoid interruptions and ensure satisfaction to all entities involved. The warehouse is over 199,000 SF and there was a significant amount of product and 24-hour operations during the project. Saunders Construction was able to work around the tenant, while maintaining a professional atmosphere.

David Loth

Your guys were unbelievable, I have been doing this for a long time, but what they did last night from start to finish left my jaw dropped open. We started at 6pm and didn’t finish until around 2am, and they didn’t stop the entire time, and their workmanship was the best I’ve ever seen, so please let your boss know he needs to make sure he takes care of them, as they are what make you a great company, and now I understand why [my colleague] spoke so highly of you. So thank you for both of you coming to the rescue on this one.

Jeff Jorgensen

I am pleased to say that we were able to bring in costs below budget while providing the owner with a successful seismic retrofit project.

Michael O’ Brien, S. E.

Our team effort has culminated in becoming the 2005 SEAOSC and SEAOC Excellence in Structural Engineering Award winner in the category of Best Use of Conventional Technologies in a Building Retrofit. We are proud to have worked with your on this project, and proud to have been honored with these awards.

Richard L. Hess

In addition to being highly competitive, Saunders Construction has always had a clear understanding on what we were trying to accomplish in the seismic retrofits that I have designed. The work is very high quality and I have always appreciated their ability to help solve unanticipated field conditions. I strongly recommend Saunders for seismic retrofitting projects.

Doug Silver, S.E.

Working with Saunders Construction on our recent seismic retrofit project was a pleasure. Your team helped us identify cost-effective solutions that allowed our client to upgrade their 57,000 square foot building to current seismic standards. Not only was the cost reduced as compared to other retrofit systems, the work was also completed on-time. We look forward to collaborating with your team on our next strengthening project.

Brent Blackman

Saunders Construction has completed the construction of numerous seismic retrofits for some of our most valued clients with projects in seismically vulnerable states of California, Washington, and Nevada. We are able to recommend your firm to our clients because we have confidence that your organization will execute the work according to the construction documents prepared by our office and with the extra care and attention required by the building tenants.

Jeff Dyer

I wanted to thank everyone for the hard work and dedication that went into the project over the past several years. As I was driving away after my last visit, I was impressed with how well the buildings are looking which is a testament to both ownership and the construction personnel.

Kenneth J. Lord

I have recently completed a number of soft-story retrofit projects in the City of Los Angeles. I have only used Saunders’ Construction for this work. Their pricing is competitive; I’ve had zero to nominal change orders, and the inspection process has been seamless.
As an owner and operator, we value great relationships with our vendors. I have fourteen upcoming soft-story projects in the pipeline and I look forward to utilizing Saunders’ Construction for all of them.

James Killian

Everything was according to our budget. Suppliers were paid on time. We could not be more pleased that we chose Saunders Construction with the results!

David Leekley

My reports from our on-site managers was that your team was responsible, respectful, left their work areas clean AND did a great job! The residents at Villa Yolanda (and the owners & managers) can sleep a little bit better knowing the good work that you all have done to help keep them safer. A BIG THANK YOU to you ALL, for all that you did to make this project a success!

Robert Kyle

I was impressed with your team, and I would highly recommend your firm. We definitely consider your firm for our next seismic project.

Peter Wynne

Thank you for a job well done. Saunders completed a seismic retrofit on my 8-unit apartment building Dec. 2018 in California. I had an engineer draw up the plans for the retrofit for a “soft story” parking garage under the apartments and then Saunders undertook the construction of the retrofit. The communication with the company, the manager and the foreman was excellent. They worked very well with the tenants, and there were no problems with tenant complaints. I would recommend this company to anyone needing a seismic retrofit.

William A. Lawrence, MD