Will AI (Artificial Intelligence) Impact the Construction Industry?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is expected to play an increasingly significant role in the future. So yes, AI is expected to have a major impact on every industry including the construction industry. One of the key areas where AI is being used in construction is in project management. AI-powered project management tools can help with scheduling, […]

Risks and potential dangers of roof condensation with this year’s record heat in the US notably Northwest!

According to the Washington Post, the most severe heat wave in the history of the Pacific Northwest has climaxed, obliterating scores of long-standing records in the U.S. Portland and Seattle broke all-time records by enormous margins. Just as the heat takes a major toll on us, extreme weather in general burdens buildings. Specifically, roof condensation […]

What can the construction industry do to contribute to the environment and reduce the carbon footprint?

“Buildings generate almost 40% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions,” according to WoodWorks Regional Director Chelsea Drenick. Climate change is a controversial issue yet, making an effort to do better for the global good is something to consider in every industry. DCI Engineers Senior Project Manager Robin Landis said, ““There’s a huge opportunity for us as […]