The Project to Replace Non-ductile Buildings

In any major city there are countless buildings that have not been retrofit to 21st century sustainable construction standards. Non-ductile buildings refer to concrete or reinforced concrete structures that lack flexibility. These non-ductile buildings that were constructed without the knowledge of earthquake safety may be toppled by severe seismic activity. Recent Earthquake Evidence A devastating 7.8 […]

What Risks Do Non-Ductile Buildings Pose In an Earthquake?

There have been an alarming amount of earthquakes in the US over the past few years, specifically in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Utah, including a few others. The buildings that have been affected the most in these states are non-ductile buildings (concrete structures) that have not been retrofitted. The designs and construction of new buildings […]

What Are Non-Ductile Buildings?

What are non-ductile buildings? What are the differences between ductility and stiffness? Why are they important factors to consider when it comes to preparing your building for earthquakes? Ductility describes the flexibility of a building, which impacts how it will perform during an earthquake. This term is commonly used in earthquake engineering to figure out how to design a […]