Roof Condensation: What to Look for?

Roof damage from condensation is one of many structural problems that can occur and if left untreated, this condensation can cause serious structural problems. It is entirely possible to destroy the entire roof structure. What is the specific cause? Moisture! Condensation is caused by the rapid cooling of warmer air. As the building heats up […]

Roof Condensation: How does it form and what to look for?

Roof Condensation is moisture that develops at the roof ceiling area and is trapped by foil insulation or other types of radiant barriers. If left untreated, it can destroy the entire roof structure. Moisture rust and decay all metals including hangers, nuts, bolts and in severe cases the plywood that holds up the roofing deteriorates […]

Condensation Issues Can Cost You!

The longevity of a roof structure – whether it’s commercial, industrial or residential – depends on how well it’s maintained, which requires regular inspections. The most important reason for inspections is to check for leaks. Ignoring even small leaks can lead to massive damage over time since leaks tend to grow. You need to look […]

Roof Condensation in Commercial Buildings

If you’ve ever written a message on a foggy bathroom mirror after a hot shower, you’ve gotten an up-close-and-personal look at condensation in action. When it obscures your bathroom mirror, it’s innocent enough. However, excess condensation within the metal roof of a commercial building can create structural problems that may progress into major problems down the road. […]