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5 Tips for Choosing an Earthquake Retrofit Company

If you have researched your options for earthquake retrofit companies, you know that there are a huge number and a wide range of options available. However, not all organizations are created equal. From price to service offerings, each earthquake retrofit provider is unique. Here are five tips for choosing the seismic contractors that best suit your needs: 

1. Look for Experience and Satisfied Customers

Executing an earthquake retrofit involves extensive knowledge of structural designs and means and methods of completing the work. Look for a company with lots of experience especially in occupied buildings. 

Ask for referral letters from past clients. What is a better score of a contractor than there last client.

2. Ask about Insurance

Performing earthquake retrofit projects requires a unique kind of insurance coverage, so it is vital to make sure that you work with a retrofitting contractor that offers full-scale insurance coverage.  

3. Prioritize Transparency Over Cost

As in any kind of contracting, some earthquake retrofitting companies will bid low on your project but tack on extra payments throughout the job process. When examining your options, keep an eye on transparency. While unexpected issues may pop up throughout your project, a quality earthquake retrofit provider will lay all their cards on the table from the first consult and show genuine respect for your time and money. 

4. Do Your Homework

Before hiring an earthquake retrofit contractor, ask detailed questions about your project to ensure that their experience and expertise is a good match for your building needs. Asking for recommendations from those who have sought a previous earthquake retrofit that is similar to your planned project is a great way to find your perfect match.

5. Inquire about Completion Time

When you own a commercial building, your time is precious and valuable. A retrofit contractor will give you a competent approximation of your timeline, from an anticipated duration of the project to information about any building closures that may be necessary. 

If you have questions about an earthquake retrofit for your commercial building, contact Saunders Seismic for more information today.

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