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Another Successful Safety Training with American Scissor Lift Inc. and Guardian Fall Protection

Another year and another safety training. Thank you to American Scissor Lift Inc., and Guardian, for hosting and providing equipment & harness safety training. And, boom/scissor and forklift training with the safety orientation. Their expertise and dedication are truly appreciated. Safety is a top priority at Saunders Construction Inc., and our team is committed to maintaining a safe jobsite each and every day. Here is to another year of safe, efficient, and successful projects!

Saunders Construction Inc., has always invested in the both the field and office operations. All our field crews are in-house employees with specific training for the skillset each seismic job requires from the proper tools to common jobsite terminology.


Enhanced safety visibility helps drive accountability on jobsites. When our crews are properly trained and work cohesively a more engaged workforce enables issues to be detected and addressed earlier and helps strengthen the safety culture overall. Saunders believes in empowering our field crews and focusing on the foundational elements of safety. Implementing safety essentials such as incident reporting, compliance and monitoring key safety metrics helps reduce risk. When the safety aspect of the field work is correctly managed it is much easier to focus and complete projects on time and within budget. Saunders Construction upholds the greatest standards for jobsite safety.

Saunders Construction has over four decades of experience performing seismic retrofits and structural repairs. Saunders Construction is the premier seismic retrofit and structural repair company in California. We service five states, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah. For more information, contact us

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