Types of Buildings & Seismic Retrofits – Which Buildings Are High Risk for Seismic Activity?

Below is a description of each type of building and which ones are the most vulnerable of concrete tilt-up, URM (unreinforced masonry), non-ductile, steel frame and soft-story. Concrete Tilt- up buildings have limited or weak connections from the roof to walls and weak connections connecting the walls together (continuity ties). Because of the heavy concrete […]

What are 6-Major Benefits to performing seismic retrofits?

It is undeniable a big earthquake is forecasted to hit California and potentially in the next 30-years so what are other major benefits besides being prepared to performing seismic retrofits on your real estate assets? 6-Major Benefits of Seismic Retrofits Mitigate Risk & Liability Increase Property Value Avoid Construction Cost Inflation Insurance Reductions Increase Marketability […]