Are you interested in buying or selling a building but wonder what a seismic retrofit would cost? Budgets for Seismic Retrofits!

Saunders Construction provides budgets for acquisitions! Budgets come with estimate ranges of low, median, and high with many factors that affect pricing. Information to submit for a budget may include, leasing plan/tenant leasing plan (this helps determine access to perform the work), existing structural plans (S-pages), property assessment or seismic report, interior building photos (roof), […]

California Seismic Risk – Real Estate Assets & Earthquakes!

When people think of earthquakes, probably the first thing that comes to mind is “California!” Therefore, the threats and risks associated with earthquakes have been a longtime hazard to Californian’s yet, the risk is growing to neighboring states, such as Washington and Oregon. In fact, California alone holds two-thirds of the Nation’s entire earthquake risk. […]

Types of Buildings & Seismic Retrofits – Which Buildings Are High Risk for Seismic Activity?

Below is a description of each type of building and which ones are the most vulnerable of concrete tilt-up, URM (unreinforced masonry), non-ductile, steel frame and soft-story. Concrete Tilt- up buildings have limited or weak connections from the roof to walls and weak connections connecting the walls together (continuity ties). Because of the heavy concrete […]

What are 6-Major Benefits to performing seismic retrofits?

It is undeniable a big earthquake is forecasted to hit California and potentially in the next 30-years so what are other major benefits besides being prepared to performing seismic retrofits on your real estate assets? 6-Major Benefits of Seismic Retrofits Mitigate Risk & Liability Increase Property Value Avoid Construction Cost Inflation Insurance Reductions Increase Marketability […]