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Seismic Retrofits for Occupied Buildings!

Performing seismic retrofits on a building can be a daunting and intimidating project for commercial building owners and real estate professionals to take on and manage. And, then add to the mix the building is occupied with tenant(s) operating thriving businesses. It is important to perform annual building assessments to determine the structural integrity of the building even more so if the building is occupied with tenant operations. A lot of time tenant operations impact structural elements which can turn dangerous if untreated, for example roof condensation may occur causing roof members to deteriorate due to heating and cooling at restaurant establishments.


Saunders Construction is the premier contractor for seismic retrofits in occupied spaces or buildings. We have completed thousands of structural repairs and seismic retrofits in occupied buildings with every kind of business operation ongoing during the project. It is our forte working in occupied buildings. We go out of our way to provide customer excellence which includes accommodating tenant(s) in whatever capacity – whether it be dealing with parking restrictions to unforeseen circumstances to simply keeping tenants happy with as limited disruptions as possible to their business operations. We work with all parties involved to communicate and accommodate all while we complete seismic retrofit projects and structural repairs efficiently and effectively.


Below are a couple projects we completed seismic work in occupied spaces during tenant operations.


Retail Business:

Prepped for Minimal Disrupt


Space Returned Back to Normal



Medical Plaza:

Work Performed After Hours


Space Returned Back to Normal


For more information regarding our services, please visit Saunders Construction is the premier seismic retrofit and structural repair company in California. We service five states, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah.

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