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Pre-construction Planning is Key to Completing Successful Seismic Retrofit Projects

We specialize in seismic solutions and provide efficient services from start to finish on each project. Our estimating bids set the standard for being precise, detailed, and technical with our specialized processes down to the phase of the final daily routine, clean-up and completing tasks. Planning is a fundamental part of every seismic retrofit and structural repair project. Utilizing preconstruction services enables our project managers to save time and money while providing the highest quality work and providing client service excellence.

Pre-construction services or preparation sets the tone for each seismic retrofit or structural repair project. The key components in the pre-construction phase of our services include:

Pre-Planning: Determine and specify scheduling, coordination of subcontractors, deputy inspectors, vendors, tenants, etc.

Effective Communication: The channel of communication via client and contractor (project manager) needs to be clear, open, and effective.

Project Parameters: Each seismic retrofit or structural repair project will be defined in detail with all the minutiae down to coordinating with subs, tenants, and site managers so all expectations are met and hopefully exceeded. Client’s sign-off on scope of work.

Value-Engineering: After decades of completing seismic retrofit projects successfully, we have the capabilities and knowledge of knowing what works in the field. We can suggest changes to details that impact labor or work around existing conditions including tenant operations. During the pre-construction phase we evaluate and determine the most effective field methodologies and techniques to utilize as well as propose any logistical requirements with projected completion date in mind.

Detailed Estimates: Specify each seismic detail layout with current and up-to-date material costs as well as timeline delays due to labor or lead times on materials.

Teamwork: Designate qualified, in-house skilled crews that work well together to anticipate delays or road-blocks to avoid.

The value of pre-construction services including research, analysis, planning and decision-making prior to each seismic or structural project is exemplary in the results as well as facilitating a smoother process overall. The pre-construction phase is in place to avoid unexpected challenges on-site that will cost time and money. Ultimately, it makes a positive impact on the outcome of each project and all parties involved benefit.

Saunders Construction has over four decades of experience performing seismic retrofits and structural repairs. Saunders Construction is the premier seismic retrofit and structural repair company in California. We service five states, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah. For more information, contact us

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