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Are you interested in buying or selling a building but wonder what a seismic retrofit would cost? Budgets for Seismic Retrofits!

Saunders Construction provides budgets for acquisitions! Budgets come with estimate ranges of low, median, and high with many factors that affect pricing. Information to submit for a budget may include, leasing plan/tenant leasing plan (this helps determine access to perform the work), existing structural plans (S-pages), property assessment or seismic report, interior building photos (roof), office space (SF), type of building and use of building. Interested in a budget for a potential building and not sure the seismic risk, you will need the following:

Qualifications for a Budget

Who is the budget for?

An acquisition team vs an asset management team vs a single owner may have vested interests in low vs conservative budgets. We can accommodate all.

What is the budget for?

Preliminary pricing for a loan/ acquisition or conceptual pricing.

What year was building built?

Buildings built prior to 1996, are prime candidates for seismic retrofits

Where is the building located?

Costs vary in different markets/ states.

When do you need the budget?

Time is essential however; we provide this service complimentary.

When are you planning to complete the work?

Pricing fluctuates for materials and labor.

How detailed is the information and/ or plans?

The more information provided the more accurate the budget.

For more details, please visit our website, Saunders Construction is the premier seismic retrofit solution company in California and has been performing soft-story seismic retrofits since 1980. Saunders Construction now services five states, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah,

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