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Common Structural Repairs

Structural repairs consist of any repairs to structural members of a building. Structural repairs mean repairs or replacement to the roof, foundation, floors, and permanent exterior walls and support columns of the building. The repairs can be made on any type of building such as concrete tilt up, masonry, steel, or wood framed buildings. Damage caused by roof condensation, overloaded beams from equipment on the roof or hanging from the beam can include roof diaphragms, GLB, Purlins, sub-purlin, and plywood repairs. Sometimes even the original design was old or under engineered and the beams are deflecting or starting to break.

Common Structural Repairs

Roof Condensation (Roof condensation is moisture that develops at the roof ceiling area and is trapped by foil insulation or other types of radiant barriers and, if left untreated, can destroy the entire roof structure.)

GLB, Purlin and Sub-Purlin Repairs

Truss Repairs

Column Repairs (concrete/ steel/ wood)

Door Opening Repairs with H-Frames

Epoxy Injections


Structural repairs can be performed for all types of buildings including, commercial, industrial, retail, office, manufacturing, apartments, and low-rise buildings.

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