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Did you participate in the “Great California Shakeout” this year?

The Great Shakeout is where you have a one-minute earthquake drill to prepare for proper emergency protocols during an earthquake and it takes place the third Thursday every October. This year the Shakeout drill took place October 19th at 10:19AM. 10.2 million (10,245,13) people registered for this years Shakeout in while they participated at work, school, or home. For more information on earthquake safety and registering for future drills visit, The Great California Shakeout site,

According to CBS-8, “The main goal of the Shakeout is to get the world prepared for earthquakes and use the Shakeout as an opportunity to learn what to do before, during, and after an earthquake.” Here is the full article, Drop, Cover, and Hold On! The Great California Shakeout:

Earthquakes can happen at any time; therefore, it is very important especially when you are in high-risk areas such as California to be prepared. The Great Shakeout Day is an opportunity to give companies, schools, and people at home a chance to review their emergency-preparedness plans and supplies to protect and do your best to prevent damage or injuries. Therefore, it is essential for property owners to do their part and determine the seismic risk of their buildings.

Seismic risk is a concern for all building owners in California and the west coast. To mitigate liability and have an overall peace of mind. It is vital to have aged buildings inspected to determine if it needs a seismic retrofit. Contact Saunders Construction if you have any questions regarding seismic retrofits or budgets for seismic retrofits,

Again, be prepared and if you have any questions regarding seismic retrofits or budgets for seismic retrofits, Saunders Construction has over four decades of experience performing seismic retrofits. We service five states, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah.

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