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Is “Hurriquake” a real thing?

In mid-August, California was on watch of Hurricane Hilary which by the time it hit land would be downgraded to a tropical storm. The National Hurricane Center said, it had potential for “life-threatening” floods and debris flow warnings which remained in effect across the Southwest region of the U.S. While bracing and preparing for this unusual tropical storm, Southern California residents were met with yet another blow when a 5.1-magnitude earthquake struck the area. Hence, “hurriquake” was devised.

On social media, the word used to describe the earthquake happening during a tropical storm was “hurriquake.” It is not an official U.S. Geological Survey term. However, natural disasters are breaking records year after year! The top disasters to be concerned with include, hurricanes, earthquakes, and flooding. According to FEMA, from 1980-2021, the annual average cost of damage was 7-billion dollars. In 2021, the record-shattering total was 22 billion-dollars. The most effective ways to safeguard communities and structures from natural disasters is to adopt hazard-resistant building codes as well as constantly maintain the structural integrity of buildings including annual & as needed assessments. Building assessments are needed after extreme weather.

Top Structural Risks 

  • Collapsed or Deteriorated Roof
  • Roof-to-Wall Connection Failures
  • Roof Condensation Issues
  • Structural Column Damage
  • Concrete Cracks (Floors / Walls)
  • Facility Equipment Breakdown
  • Docking Door Damage

Saunders Construction has over four decades of experience performing seismic retrofits and structural repairs and, specializes in completing these services in occupied buildings or spaces. Therefore, when conducting building assessments, the structural members of the building need to be maintained first and foremost. For more information, contact us Saunders Construction is the premier seismic retrofit and structural repair company in California. We service five states, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah.

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