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New Findings on Major California Coast Fault Line

After reviewing the seismic risks specific to California last month there are new findings regarding the fault along the LA/ OC coast known as the Palos Verdes fault zone. According to scientists at Harvard University, this fault was previously thought to be a segmented network of smaller faults, but after a closer look it is a system of interconnected, closely spaced plana fractures stretching from the Santa Monica Bay to the waters off Dana Point. Scientists found, “the fault could produce a quake of a magnitude comparable to one from the San Andreas fault. Earlier estimates said the fault zone could generate up to a magnitude 7.4 earthquake, but the new study shows it could produce a quake as strong as 7.8.” For specifics on the study,

Caltech seismologist Egill Hauksson said a 7.8 quake on the Palos Verdes fault would devastate Southern California. But Hauksson, one of the region’s most respected experts in this field, said it also would be unlikely to occur in our lifetime.

According to the article, Fault along L.A., O.C. coast could unleash huge earthquake on scale of San Andreas, study shows

“Scientists have not fully explored the ramifications of a magnitude 7.8 quake on the Palos Verdes fault zone. But the USGS has studied the implications of a less powerful, magnitude 7.3 quake there, and it could still be destructive. Such a quake could kill more than 200 people and destroy more than 2,000 buildings. It could liquefy the artificial land beneath the nation’s largest port complex and cause extensive damage to infrastructure.”

Seismic risk is a concern for all building owners in California and the west coast. In order to mitigate liability and have an overall peace of mind it is essential to have aged buildings inspected to determine if it needs a seismic retrofit. Contact Saunders Construction if you have any questions regarding seismic retrofits or budgets for seismic retrofits,

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