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Saunders Proud Sponsor of SEAOSC Technical Summit & President’s Luncheon

SEAOSCSEAOSC Technical Summit took place on June 22nd this year and the focus was on three important topics that are defining the current landscape of structural engineering and seismic safety.

  1. The philosophy of Functional Recovery which the industry codes are shifting towards this approach. Functional recovery is a post-event (e.g., post-earthquake) performance state in which a building or lifeline infrastructure system is maintained, or restored, to safely and adequately support the basic intended functions associated with the pre-event use or occupancy of a building, or the pre-event service level of a lifeline infrastructure system.
  2. The opportunities in Adaptive Reuse are a major topic especially in Los Angeles with an increase in office vacancies and a housing crisis. This session reviewed the structural requirements to convert underutilized office buildings to residential use in the City of Los Angeles.
  3. An extensive session regarding the 2023 Türkiye Earthquake from the first-hand engineers. This was one of the most devasting seismic events in modern history, losing more 50K lives and damaging more that 200K buildings. What a great exploration and explanation of crucial lessons to incorporate in CA and seismically active areas in the US to mitigate and prepare for future seismic events.


Saunders Seismic Sponsor SEAOSC

For more information regarding the speakers (Shahen Akelyan, Ryan Kersting, Justin Tan & Ali Sumer) and the SEAOSC association, visit

Saunders has been a proud sponsor of SEAOSC for several years. Saunders has also worked with thousands of engineers over the years and is able to add value with our extensive experience in the field installing the details they design. For any questions or inquiries regarding our value engineering specialties contact us

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