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Structural Engineers Association Southern (SRAOSC) California Risky Business Breakfast

Saunders Construction took advantage of the opportunity to sponsor the “Risky Business Breakfast” hosted by SEAOSC.  The morning discussion focused on risk management and protecting the future of engineers’ careers.

The speakers consisted of Jeff Crosier (Senior Principal) Miyamoto International, Vida Tarassoly (President) Rubicon Engineering Co. and Karen Thorp (Account Executive)          Assured Partners with Maria Mohammed (Project Engineer) Structural Focus moderating the panel.

The panel discussed the following and answered several questions making the breakfast a great success.

– key components of contracts for services

– contract clauses to include and those to avoid

– How to get invoices paid and the steps that can be taken to ensure a timely payment

– standard of care

– common missteps that lead to lawsuits

– personal liability versus firm liability

Saunders Construction has been performing seismic retrofits on every type of building since 1979, setting industry standards. We have worked with hundreds of engineers over the years and continue to support and contribute to SEAOSC. The value-added backing, we receive in return is immeasurable. Communication and collaboration between contractors and engineers on seismic or structural projects are essential for success.

Again, be prepared and if you have any questions regarding seismic retrofits or budgets for seismic retrofits,

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