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What is the buzz in the Industrial sector of Commercial Real Estate?

Ever since the pandemic which was the primary factor that brought about hybrid and work-from-home flexibility companies have been relying on special resources and building amenities to lure employee back to the office. However, industrial and warehouse building employees were not able to work remote. The workforce at distribution centers and warehouses as well as other industries were deemed essential during the pandemic, and exempt from stay-at-home orders and at times working in less-than-ideal conditions. Therefore, the Industrial sector employees are taking note from all the new office amenities being introduced in order to entice workers back to the office.

A report released in June by NAIOP Research Foundation and KSS Architects suggests that adopting wellness features in industrial real estate buildings can increase employee retention and productivity, as well as meet environmental and social goals.

The report highlights common health, safety, and comfort concerns in industrial facilities, such as loud noise, physical strain, high or low temperatures and heavy machinery in warehouses and distribution centers. The warehousing and storage subsector workforce is increasing, going up to 1.94 million workers as of January this year versus 1.3 million workers employed in January 2020, data in the report shows. Considering the strength of the industrial sector and the masses that work to keep it running, promoting a healthy work environment is as important as ever.

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