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Why Choose Saunders? We are the Seismic Solution Specialists!

Saunders Construction Inc., is a commercial industrial contractor specializing in seismic solutions. We pride ourselves on being the go-to “seismic solution specialists” for every type of building. Ultimately, we perform seismic retrofits and structural repairs to existing buildings to make them more resistant to seismic activity. However, our procedures have been refined for four decades so; you will not get just any seismic retrofit you will get “the Saunders retrofit.” We strive to mitigate risk and financial loss while providing clients and their tenants with peace of mind during construction which can be a very stressful time.

The Saunders retrofit is different than any other seismic retrofit. We have a unique process with years of development and polished systems in place to support our commitment to excellence.  Our approach is unique as we, the seismic solution specialists, take the lead and guide you through a seamless experience, we go the extra mile and handle everything. When you get a Saunders retrofit, it will be an enjoyable experience rather than endless headaches, confusion, frustration, and unnecessary problems left for you to figure out.

Do you want a seismic retrofit or do you want a Saunders Retrofit?

Saunders Construction has over 40 plus years of experience performing seismic retrofits. We have completed thousands of projects on every type of building. Below outlines our vast experience, comprehensive knowledge base, enhanced communication channels and commitment to service excellence.


  • Completed over 2,000 seismic retrofits
  • Over four decades of performing seismic retrofits
  • Completed thousands of projects on every type of building
  • Thousands of hours logged by top management in the field
  • Extensive experience in providing seismic solutions

Knowledge & Communication

  • Veteran craftsman of in-house skilled crews
  • Precise, detailed, and technical estimating bids
  • Crews competent in mitigating disruptions for tenants
  • Enhanced client correspondence, progress reports and close out packages

Team Player

  • Collaborate well with engineers, subs, GCs, and vendors
  • Commitment to client service excellence and client top priorities
  • Specialists in alternate solutions cooperating with engineers

If you are interested in our seismic solution services, contact us Saunders Construction services five states including, California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah.

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