Seismic Retrofit in Oregon

Although most of Oregon’s thousands of earthquakes over the years have been minor (i.e. under a magnitude of three,) the state has suffered three destructive earthquakes in the past century….

Adopting Seismic Safety for Buildings

Understanding seismic safety is important for building owners so that they can avoid injuries and litigation in the event of an earthquake. Newer buildings are designed for Life Safety, not building sustainability. So all…

The Project to Replace Non-ductile Buildings

In any major city there are countless buildings that have not been retrofit to 21st century sustainable construction standards. Non-ductile buildings refer to concrete or reinforced concrete structures that lack flexibility….

How to Choose a Seismic Contractor

Seismic contractors are specialists who retrofit buildings so that they are less prone to damage during an earthquake. Adding additional materials and steel reinforcement can help extend the durability of a building….